Hunting in Musina Area

Welcome to the Adansonia hunting experience! If you wish to add hunting to your list of Adansonia activities, you won’t be disappointed. We welcome any ethical hunter, whether professional or amateur by nature.

Our beautiful farm near Musina offers more than 850 hectares of prime hunting land with undisturbed hilly and flat terrain, ideal for a family-friendly hunting experience. Many of our guests are bird/tree/nature lovers who love participating in outdoor adventures with their friends or families. At Adansonia there is something to do for everyone according to their own passion.

Our team consists of a professional hunter with many years of personal experience and two guides and trackers who know the farm well. A hunting vehicle (a characterful Land Rover Circa 1978) is available, as well as a well-lit and clean skinning area and a sizable cool storage facility.

Whether you are looking for giraffe, eland, nyala, kudu, blue wildebeest, gemsbok or simply for a good old impala ram or two, your African safari starts here…

Non-hunters accompanying hunters will pay a slightly reduced rate - see hunting pricelist for details. 

Hunting Services

Our hunting package includes:

  • Sighting of rifles
  • The services of a guide and a tracker
  • A hunting vehicle
  • Various hides and hunting areas
  • Wide variety of game (see price list)
  • Skinning and initial processing
  • Cool storage facility (3m x 4m)
  • Gun and tracking dogs (on request)
  • The services of a PH (on request when booking is made)
  • Meat processing facilities (nearby, at an additional service fee)
  • Delivery to your home (to be arranged at an additional cost – see price list)

Hunting Packages

At Adansonia Eco Lodge we offer a variety of personalized hunting packages.  Please inquire about these when you make your booking.

Documents for Downloads:

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In addition to your superb hunting experience, you can anticipate an enriching nature experience with an abundance of birds, reptiles, trees & interesting geology features.